Sic Semper Tyrannis

by Passion

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released July 1, 2003

Recorded/Mixed by Vince Ratti at The Skylight
Released July 2003, by Watch The City Burn Records



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Passion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Metallic hardcore from Philadelphia, PA

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Track Name: Let This Be The Death of Me
Is this thing on?
This stage is my soapbox and I will stand proudly
as a man that is not afraid to voice his opinions.
I will use the voice that has been given to me
on behalf of those too afraid to speak.
This heart is my microphone and I will speak through it loud and clear.
You will hear everything that I have to say.
We have the power to change the world but we would
rather change our minds.
Why not try and do something with this life?
Don't you realize that we are running out of time?
Let's make our voices be heard.
This is our last chance to make a difference in this world.
We are surrounded by kids that are more concerned with how they
look then what they say. What have we become? Think about it.
Look around this room and try and find me an individual.
No, not a follower. I said an individual.
It was alot harder than you thought now wasn't it? Is this thing on?
I pray to god that a day will come when we all realize how powerful
we can be.The possibilities are endless, unless of course you are one
of the dreamless.
I stand before you a man that is not afraid to speak his mind and
I know I'm not the only one, stand with me, side by side,
as we make our voices be heard for the first time.
We will scream until they are deaf, we will sing until we are all one.
We will shake this building's very foundation because whether
you believe it or not. We can.
The kids with the soarest throats, will have the strongest voices.
Let this be the death of me.
If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die trying.
I'm gonna die trying to make a difference.
I will die with this microphone in my hand, I will die singing MY song.
I will die using my voice and I don't even care if this thing is on
Track Name: This Is What Defines Me
A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.

Ardent love.
Strong sexual desire; lust.
The object of such love or desire.

Boundless enthusiasm
An abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger.

This is Passion in it's purest form.
This can never be taken away from us.
It does not matter how many people listen.
The only thing that matter's is that we tried to reach them.
Whether it be a basement with 10 kids in it or a hall packed with 200,
our motive will always remain the same.
This is our everything. This is all we have left.
This is who we are.
Since when did these words become frowned upon?
What it comes down to is ignorance.
I tell you the name of my band and you laugh right in my face.
Say whatever you want. Think you're better then us.
Just know that we are doing this for all of the right reasons.
This is Passion in it's purest form and it will never be taken away from us.
Let the feedback ring, Let the spit fly, Let the strings break,
because this is the most amazing feeling that I have ever felt.
It's been a while since I've cared about anything.
It's been a while since I have felt this alive.
This is what defines me. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Screaming my guts out in front of complete strangers.
I have never felt like this before. So this is what it feels like to be alive?
Track Name: Mandela
When was the last time that you cared about something
so much in your life you were willing to die for it?
Would you ever be willing to defend the one true thing you believed in,
reguardless of what everyone else thought of you?
If it came down to your family, your friends, and your freedom
which would you choose to stand by?
In an ugly world where a piece of us is taken away (day after day),
whether we like it or not, our beliefs are all that we have left to call our own.
Bow to any god that you choose.
Never let someone else's belief's affect where your heart lies.
If you can fall in love with someone of the same sex
enjoy the true love that most people will never know.
If you have been beaten down, spit upon, laughed at,
neglected in anyway due to the color of your skin
wipe that tear from your eye and make a fist,
show us just how strong you can be.
Stand up for something that you believe in.
Actions are stronger than words and our intent is stronger than our actions.
Something is seriously wrong with this picture.
Get off your couch and fix the reception.
Religion, sexual preference, racial equality,
the hope to make this world a better place are our birth right.
They can never be taken away from us.
There are too many people in this world that believe in a fad,
their "beliefs"come and go.
Others just say they want to make a difference and continue on with their ways
and now we are all begining to sound like a broken record.
You are all broken but have the ability to fix yourselves.
It is just a matter of time before we are all dead wishing that we had truely lived.
Can you hear that?
We are still alive.
Track Name: Behind Every Great Man Lies Regret
This might be the last thing that you ever do.
This could very well be your last night on earth.
If it all came crashing down, would you still be satisfied?
Just think, tonight, when you close your eyes, you may not
be so lucky to wake again and see the light.
The ones around you that you claim to love so much can be taken
away from you within the blink of an eye.
Do not be afraid to let someone know how much you love them.
Don't walk through life thinking that you are invincible.
It's a matter of fact, you can and will be hurt.
You will be knocked down, and at some point you will lose everything,
and that is when you dust yourself off and get back up.
Live each day as if it were your last.
Tomorrow may never come.
If this is the last thing that you ever do,
make sure it is being done for yourself.
If this is your last night on earth,
let everyone know how much you cared.
Make sure that if this ceiling came crashing down upon you,
you would die a happy man.
Don't be afraid to make alot of mistakes, they can help you grow
if you learn from them.
If you haven't listened to a word I have said, please,
listen, and listen close. I have got two more words for you,
and try not to ever forget them.
No regrets
Track Name: Don Quixote
This song deals with the power of imagination, to transform
and transcend the circumstances of our lives,
to be better than people would have us be.
*"Not to see life as it is but as it ought to be"*
Dream the impossible dream.
Fight the impossible fight.
Love the impossible love.
Stand up straight.
Look them dead in the eye.
Scream at the top of your lungs.
They may think your'e crazy, and you may lose the war,
but remember that it is better to have loved then to have never loved at all.
Nothing is better left unsaid.
Never forget your lines.

*Taken from and inspired by the play "Man of La Mancha"*
Track Name: The Swings Are Covered In Ash
I'll pour the gasoline if you light the match.
We will never know true beauty unless we destroy something ourselves.
We have gone through life letting them tell us
what's wrong and tell us what's right.
It is time that we remind them that they can not exist unless we let them.
Let the light from the flames fall down upon us and
make us feel like shooting stars
because it is our time to shine.
We will show them what it feels like to have no control over a situation.
They have no say in what happen's tonight.
We have met and we have all made up our mind's.
Wasn't it them that told us we could do anything we put our mind's to,
and wasn't it them that
told us we would also never amount to anything?
I was a product produced by a company that was only out
to make money and rip people off.
But now I know who I am.
Take my hand and it will be alright.
Together we'll know just who we are.
Hand in hand we will make everything alright,
and tonight could quite possibly
be the greatest night of our lives.
We finally made something of ourselves. We made them feel like nothing.
Now they are the one's who feel helpless.
Let's all watch as our childhood burns down to the ground.
They have to rebuild and now we are the one's on top.
Life is what we make of it