The Fierce Urgency of Now

by Passion

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released October 10, 2006

Engineered/Mixed by Dean Baltulonis at Atomic Recording, July, 2006
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, July, 2006
Released by Goodfellow Records, October 10, 2006


Tony Capponi: Guitar
Kenny Harris: Vocals
Shaun Miklas: Bass
Jeff Sheerin: Guitar
Sean Ward: Drums



all rights reserved


Passion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Metallic hardcore from Philadelphia, PA

Videos available at: (Donate to Sunny!)

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Track Name: One Way Ticket
There is no coming back from this.
She gasps for her last breath.
There is no turning back now.
He will never get to take his first steps.
These children were your responsibility, and how you could fail so miserably
is completely beyond me.
She had just learned to tie her shoes and her brother was so young he could
barely stand.
Neither could run away from this, as you took life with your bare hands.
What were you thinking?
Blood and tears have never tasted so bitter.
How could you do this?
Their lungs can only hold out for so long.
I will scream for those that can no longer defend themselves.
I will scream until the system works, I will scream until it doesn't hurt!
I will scream until my lungs burst,I will scream until I am below the dirt!
My sore throat still only makes my voice grow stronger!
Lifeless eyes capable of changing the world stare blankly at a father that
has helped ruin it.
You make me sick. I am ashamed for you. Enjoy your trip to hell, here is your
one way ticket.
We will be our own demise.
You lied and said you'd care.
You lied and said you'd love.
You lied and said you'd share.
You lied and told them they were safe.
You lied and told them you would be true.
You lied and suffocated with hate.
You lied.
We are stabbing ourselves in the back
Track Name: Get In The Van
This isn't getting any easier for me.
With each day that passes I lose the ability to speak.
At times I forget why I am still here, after all of these years.
If this was about the fortune, and if this was about the fame,
I would have walked away the first time I had lost my voice.
I am here simply because this is as much yours as it is mine,
and the feeling that I get from this experience is impossible for words to
I can't thank you enough for being apart of this,
I know it may not seem like much
but it means the absolute world to us.
No matter how long the ride may seem once we get out of that van and see your
faces we are reminded of why we leave our lives behind.
Let us do everything in our power to make this moment last forever.
For just one night I would like to believe that you actually cared about
where we came from, what we're saying and why we are here.
In a perfect world you would hang on every word that I had to say,
but that would give me one less reason to yell and then what would I have to say?
You are entitled to fold your arms, and look away but for those of you that
stand before us we scream for you today.
A majority of you have already blocked out this incessant noise,
you are the same people that go through life not listening unless it's to the
sound of your own voice.
I will do my best to remind those of you that have forgotten what this is all about.
This is your microphone, This is your stage.
This is your right to claim, This is your day.
This is all for you.
This is your salvation.
This is our salvation
Track Name: Dig In Deep
How is it that you can actually consider throwing it all away?
We only get one chance, and yet you are looking for the easy way out?
You are so much better than this.
I am here to help you see this through.
Give up, and I will give chase.
These don't have to be your last days.
With all that is wrong in this world I can not blame
those that do not want to live this way.
Please dig in deep and we'll end all of your misery.
You are not weak.You can beat this.
Find it within yourself to live another day.
Dig in deep
Track Name: The Natural
A moment of weakness.
A lapse in judgement.
A fear of failure.
Fear not your peers.
Where do we go from here?
Why would we want to leave?
Why should we stay?
Fear not the possibilities.
Surrounded. Enclosed. Lost.
In a room full of hundreds and yet we still feel alone.
No one ever listens.
But we decide where we go from here.
We will paint the perfect picture.
How much longer can we put off our childhood dreams for this adulthood
They will all talk, talk, talk, because that is all they have ever been.
But we know better.
You are in a crowd, step away from it.
I will put it all on the line, if you do.
Don't be afraid to walk away.
The walls are sound proof they can't hear us.
It's just us now.
I can't do this without you.
But I know this won't last forever.
I don't want to lose you, but how can I ask you to stay?
I know this won't go anywhere, but it's all I have.
Promise me, we will try. Promise me, that we will atleast try.
That is all I ask.
Try. Believe. Leave.
Close your eyes and the world disappears.
Open your eyes and I will be right here.
If this is the end, so be it.
This is a blank canvas.
I just don't know where to begin.
I am back where I started. Here we go again
Track Name: In Ourselves We Trust
Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
How is it that now when we speak our mind, we all get fined?
Whatever happened to practice what you preach?
We were once told that we could overthrow the government,
and now we can't even express how much we are sick of it?
We must have forgotten to read the fine print.
There must be something that we are not seeing here.
Is it possible that we are on to something?
After all of these years, is it possible that the public has finally caught on?
They are slowly coming to, and they realize that they are the ones in power.
After all, they do have the right to overthrow our corrupt government.
I think they are on to us.
So grab the sewing kit, and stitch up their children's mouths.
They are speaking from the heart and that has the power to bring us down.
They will never give us enough credit, so let us rise as one,
and grab the duct tape, and wrap it around their faces.
This will be the last time they misjudge the potential of our frustrations.
I've heard it all before, what difference can I make?
I am only one person and I do not think that I have what it takes.
The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone.
I assure you that together we can make all of our dreams come true.
There is strength in numbers.
One person can plant the seeds.
Five people can water the fields.
There is strength in numbers.
One hundred people will taste this fruit.
Rest assured, five hundred will be hungry for more.
We are hungry for more and we deserve so much more than this.
We will no longer be silent.
You will have to rip out each and every one of our throats
before we abide by the new law.
We see right through you, and we know that you are scared.
We will not continue to live in fear of what may happen
if we speak on something that we are unhappy with.
These are not the beliefs our country was founded on.
We the people planted the seeds of truth and
we will not rest until we taste it's fruit.
We will take it back. We will take it all back. We will take back what's ours.
No matter how hard they try they will not be able to silence us,
if we all scream.
If we all scream loud enough, I know they'll hear us.
Scream as loud as you can, and they'll never be able to ignore you.
I have a chaos theory of my own
Track Name: Statistics Show That We Do Not Care
They claim to be men of faith, They convince you that you are wrong.
Repent for your sins while they commit their own.
I wish that things could have been different,
I can't imagine the pain that you feel.
If only someone would have listened, all of this could have been avoided.
It has become an epidemic.
We hear their cries but they are ignored.
How lonely must a child feel before someone steps up
This is now the way of our world.
We recognize the problem and cover it up with lies.
We know who is wrong and yet we still protect them?
I do not know what else to say.
I wish that I could make all of your pain go away.
Everyone has heard you out but no one actually took the time to listen.
I'm here with open arms.
Tell me the truth and I will listen. You are not the one that's wrong in my eyes.
I know it's unfair.
This pain may never go away but there is no reason
for you to keep it locked up inside.
I know that this world can be an ugly place but I still believe a smiling face
can give hope to a better tomorrow.
How can these monsters claim to serve in a Gods name?
How can we sit back and let them unleash their unholy reign?
How many more thousands of children have to come running in tears to us,
claiming that they have been touched and
raped of the very innocence that we once held sacred?
I'm sorry.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for thinking
that we'd actually care about the children.
Why would we care about our future anyway?
I'm sorry
Track Name: Patriot For A Day
"This just in, planes are flying into our buildings, our loved ones are now jumping
to their deaths, and we are afraid of what could be next."
"Stay tuned for important information on an unknown substance that could potentially
kill your children, but first, let's go to the weather center for our five day forecast."
"Well I must admit, things aren't looking too good at the moment.
It doesn't look like the acid rain is going to let up anytime soon.
There will be plenty of cloudy days ahead."
Extra! Extra! Read all about it.
The war is in the headlines and now it's our business.
The innocent have died for years but we don't care until it effects us.
Are you still proud?
Crash the airwaves and stop the presses.
Now try and tell me what there is to be proud of!
We blame those that kill us but don't dare research why they would go to such
lengths to do so.
Perhaps we brought it upon ourselves?
This isn't a holy war. No god would allow it.
If the world still exists in ten years I'd love to see how they explain this one.
Our own leaders have felt the need to lie to us about weapons of mass
distraction, and again we let it all slide.
If you do not believe we are at war for oil but somehow believe that we have
landed on the moon this song is not for you.
God bless america, yea right.
God bless me and no one else.
There are people sleeping on the streets, children starving with nothing to
eat, are you still proud?
We are surrounded by nothing but death, let's wave our flag.
We'll leave our children with nothing but debt, let's wave our flag.
How come flags fly their highest after a tragedy?
Where are they when everything is as it should be?
You are all two faced liars and cheats.
Days pass by, months pass by, years pass by without you making any effort
at standing up for what you believe in because you couldn't care less about
what doesn't effect you.
Let the rain come falling down.
Make sure you wrap up the flag.
When it rains, it pours.
You brought this upon yourselves.
I hope that this effects you, I hope that this effects all of you.
You are merely a sentimental charlatan.
Please pretend to care about something else.
I hope that this effects you, I hope that this effects all of you
Track Name: Longer Than Expected
Sorry to interrupt, but your lack of respect doesn't phase us,
and no amount of complaining will ever change this.
As we come to you bearing our hearts on our sleeves,
you are more than welcome to talk amongst yourselves.
In the end we will know who is really listening.
In the end we will know who truly cares.
But this isn't the end, this is merely the beginning.
We are just getting started.
Show you care.
Seize the day.
Or turn around.
And walk away
Track Name: Me
Forget about the future.
Today is all I have.
This show must go on.
This van will roll on.
My rants may drag on.
But someday I too, will move on.
This one's about me.
Relate to it however you can.
I know what I am capable of. Now show me what you are capable of.
Sweat drips.
Tears build.
Vocals strain.
Lives change.
Most people go their entire lives without reaching a soul.
I make it my life's work to affect this world.
I will be remembered.
I will leave something behind.
How will you be remembered and will you leave something behind?
This is my legacy.
Truth leaks from my eyes.
This is my calling.
This is all I know.
My mouth opens and inspiration pours out.
It can not be contained.
I will not be contained.
Hear me now.
One day I will be gone, but my voice will live on, I have never felt a desire
grow so strong.
Hear me now.
I am not afraid of losing everything in order to be happy with what little I have.
I know what I am capable of.
Show me what you are capable of
Track Name: In One Ear And Out The Other
You don't care about what I had to say to you that night.
You don't care about anyone or anything but yourself, and think that's alright.
I've never met anyone quite like you, and I wish that it could have stayed that way.
This has happened to me once before, and I swore that it'd never happen again.
How could I have been so blind? You were the only one I could see.
What could I possibly have been thinking?
Apparently I wasnt thinking at all!
You can not help someone that does not want to be helped, no matter how hard
you try to convince yourself there's a chance.
They're hopeless, and you know it, deep down inside.
Here I am, yet again, all alone.
Wondering what went wrong this time.
I remember the first time that I saw you. I'll never forget the promises
found in that smile.
I saw the promise of a new day, a new outlook, a new lease on life.
Things were going to be different this time.
I thought that you were real, I was real, this was real.
Again, I only ended up being really pathetic.
How many times can one person be lied to?
You said it'd be different, I believed you were different.
I believed everything you said to me and look where that has gotten me.
I gave and I gave and I gave and
I gave and I gave and I gave and
I gave and I gave
and you took it all away from me, and now nothing makes sense anymore.
My love was free, but you were not.
If only you were addicted to affection.
My love was free, but you were not.
If only my kiss could pay the bills.
If only I could convince you that you were worth more than the dirt on your knees.
There is nothing new in the used bin and I didn't bring much money with me
tonight, so I guess I'm walking away with nothing yet again.
I'll walk away empty handed.
I can't believe this happened again.
I should have taken my own advice but instead it went in one ear and out the other
Track Name: Depression Sets In
What am I doing wrong here?
Please tell me so I can make it right.
I told myself it would never be this hard again.
I promised myself it would get better, with my fingers crossed behind my back.
I could see it falling apart from a mile away.
Lie to me and tell me that I am really not this weak.
If I can't trust myself, how can I trust another?
What have I become?
A hypocrite? A cynic? A failure? A disgrace? A joke? Alone?
If only I could start all over.
You would trust me. I would not judge you.
You would not look down upon me. You would look up to me.
You would not laugh at me. You would only love me.
I've been pushed away for the last time and I'm about to cross that line.
It is begining to set in and I have never been more afraid.
Tell me there is no chance and I will say my goodbyes.
I don't want to die alone but I'll be damned if I wait a lifetime for the
answer to all of lifes questions.
I don't want to die alone
Track Name: Bulletproof Mona Lisa
No matter how many candles are blown out.
No matter how many stars are wished upon.
I will never be able to bring you back.
There are days where I find myself forgetting
that our lives will never be the same.
A piece of me will always try to block out the pain,
and as a result I lose a piece of you,
more and more with each day.
I'd give anything to have you back here in her arms.
She is the one that'll never forget.
I see it in her eyes.
She misses you more with each tear that falls.
Tears fall, but she does not buckle.
Tears dry, but her memories will never fade.
What would you do if the love of your life was taken
away before you could say goodbye?
How would you react if a loved one walked away,
never to be seen again?
Are you strong enough to live the rest of your life
wondering if they truly knew how you felt?
I woke up without a name.
If only I could have told him how much of an honor it
was to share his name.
Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt you
deep down inside. It hurts so much but it feels so right.
Have you ever loved
someone so much that you thought you heard their voice when
they weren't home, you thought you felt their touch.
You could never imagine your life without that love.
Hold on. Please hold on.
Until the love is torn away from you.
Hold on. Please for the love of god, hold on.
Once it is gone it is never coming back.
He is never coming back. She is never coming back.
Things will never be the same again.
I found myself staring at the phone but I never made the call.
I missed my chance to tell him how I felt one last time.
This loss brought she and I closer.She is my everything.
Without her I am nothing.I will never be able to repay her for the life she has provided.
Without love death is the only option

(Thanks to Tyler for these lyrics)

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